Monday, October 24, 2011

Bad Parents

WARNING: Today is bit of a rant!

I'm not saying I'm God's gift to parenting or anything, but there are some seriously questionable parents out there! I'm sure you've all been in some situation where someone says something that makes you think "Are you kidding me?!" You know that parent who lets the TV babysit, or they give their child whiskey for teething.  Or, worse yet, have ever been in a situation where a parent starts going on and on about not wanting to be around their baby?

I was recently in situation like this.  This "parent", to use the phrase loosely, was going on and on about how she just can't stand being around her baby and how she didn't even want the baby to begin with.  I'm not crazy, I know sometimes we need a break from our children, but this was over the top and, to be honest, I was a little concerned for the baby's safety.  If you need a break, say you need a break. Bringing up the fact that you didn't want your baby seems completely unecessary to me.  Unless, of course, you're still questioning whether want your baby, which really concerns me about this child's future.  Is he going to be neglected and resented in that house?

I've also recently come across another rather disgusting display of "parenting", young mothers discussing how much they can get out off the state for assistance.  Look, I know there are mothers out there who legitimitely need this help, and for them I am glad it exists.  My problem is when I hear women talking about how to get around loopholes, like how to get things paid for that normally shoudn't be, or how to make sure the money doesn't stop when you get a job.  One of the worst discussions I've recently heard was a mom who said she had her second and third children to make sure she continued to get money.  Why are these hillbillies allowed to reproduce?!  It makes me sick when I see people who abuse the system like this, they are the ones who ruin it for others. I know a young lady who needs help from the state and doesn't want to get it and wants off as soon as possible.  Isn't that what it was meant for?  To help women until they can help themselves. When this is the image that so many people are giving to state assistance, of course there are women out there who trully need it and don't want to take it because they don't want to be portrayed this way. 

BTW, most of these cases were witnessed in the wasteland that is Facebook.  Maybe, Facebook isn't the place to go in search of quality parenting?

How many of you have come across situations like this?  When you hear a horribe parent talking do you say something or bite your tongue?


Veronica said...

I agree...facebook really people? I understand the occasional, "does your baby do this"...or "any suggestions for this".... but not every question you've ever had... DO SOME RESEARCH PEOPLE!

Carmen said...

Yeah, I think the problem with FB is that too many people aren't actually looking for help, but for attention.

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