Monday, November 7, 2011

"Too Posh to Push" Epidemic

The fight over the right to choose to have an elective cesarean in the UK is getting heated. I am terrified and disgusted by this campaign! Women who are part of the "too posh to push" crew are playing the "our bodies, our choice" card to try to get the government (who pays for healthcare in the UK) to pay for elective c-sections.   They often make the complaint that women shouldn't have to "suffer" through the birth process and are, as a result, turning this into a feminism issue.  If you want to fight for women's rights, how about you pick an issue like equality in the workplace or the freedom to breastfeed in public instead of fighting for something that puts women and babies at such great -and unnecessary- risk.

I am beyond disgusted by some of the ridiculous arguments the proponents are attempting to make.  For example, Pauline Hull of  actually says, "Planned cesarean delivery is a legitimate birth plan when compared with the risks of a planned vaginal delivery".   Really!!!??? You are not seriously trying to convince people that there is less risk associated with cesarean delivery than with a natural vaginal birth!  Not only is the maternal mortality rate higher, but the infant mortality rate is also higher when a cesarean is performed instead of a natural birth. These women seem to forget that this is MAJOR SURGERY!  Why are we throwing away something that has been instilled in women for thousands and thousands of years?

I also came across this article by Catherine Bennett recently and couldn't be more appalled
Directly under the article headline she writes, "The response by the natural birth brigade to Nice's decision to endorse c-sections is unthinking prejudice".  Unthinking??? Really???  I'll tell you what is unthinking, having a major surgical procedure meerly for vanity despite the risks it might impose on your child and yourself!

If you are as disgusted as I am please leave feedback on these sites! Let's hit especially hard!
REMEMBER! Always present your views in a respectful way. We want to be heard, not looked at like a bunch of natural birth fanatics.

More articles I found on the topic:


Jo's Health Corner/ said...

This is so insane! Thanks for bringing up the subject. I used to live in Wales a few years ago and I remember being shocked when I learned that several celebrities had early c-sections long before due dates so that they wouldn't ruin their so called perfect bodies with stretch marks etc...

I'm all for natural birth..

Thanks for adding me as a friend on Mom Bloggers club..

KW said...

Interesting stuff!

Ashley said...

I had no idea any of that was even going on over there. Crazy! Stopping by from mbc and following you now. :) stop by my blog when you get a chance.

KristaM said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.

You post has got me thinking for sure! Women have been "suffering" during birth for centuries. It is a natural part of life. Others just choose to look at it differently I guess.

New Follower :)

SuperMomWannabe said...

I just stumbled on a mom blog the other day - she has a special needs daughter who was injured in utero because scar tissue has literally grabbed hold of the baby. It was c-section number 3. I had heard that scar tissue can be dangerous but to what degree I had no idea. Crazy when you really understand our bodies were made to birth.

Sean Marie said...

If there's a medical need for a C-section then I think it's fine. I.E. when the baby/mother are at risk to deliver naturally. I cannot believe, however, that people plan to have cesareans because they think their vaginas are too good for the way it's intended.

New follower, btw. Love this post. :)

insomnia said...

Hi, I recently found and started following your blog.
I read the post the other day about encapsulating the placenta and that was definitely something I'd never heard of before.
I wasn't too posh to push,but wound up with c sections anyway.
P.S.I was passed the Liebster blog award this morning and I am passing it to you.
Check out my blog post if you'd like to carry on with that.
Thanks, Jill

Our Little Bubble said...

I have to agree with Sean Marie! Come on women, this is very sad. Visiting from bloggy moms :)

Candis said...

This is crazy...I'm not surprised though. I have a co-worker who, for no reason at all, scheduled a c-section for her very first delivery. Never even knowing whether it would be difficult, she just elected as soon as she found out she was pregnant, to have a c-section. Seemed strange to me at the time too. follower from MBC...would love a follow back!

Alla Young said...

These people drive me nuts, especially some of the comments that suggest those of us who gave birth naturally are just bitter that others didn't have to suffer as much as we did. What a load of crap! Pardon my french, but seriously what is wrong with these women? If they don't want to go through natural childbirth because they may end up with scars or stretch marks, they have no business having a baby.

Found this blog from :)

Jessica said...

I didn't know that this is such a heated topic in the UK right now. Thanks for the insight! Personally, I don't understand why someone would opt for major surgery over labor.

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