Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's New Wednesday: Top 10 Things Every New Mommy Needs (For herself, NOT baby)

Here is a list of things you'll need for AFTER your baby is born. 

10. A Breastfeeding Bracelet - This is a very helpful little gadget that helps you keep track of baby's feeding times, which breast nursed last, naps, and medication given (it can also be used for kick counts before baby arrives). Mother's Minder

9. A Hobby- This can be a hobby you already had (for me it was reading) or one you pick up after your baby is born (for me this was blogging).  Having something you can do - even if it is only for a few minutes a day - to help you relax and get a little me time is vital to you New-Mommy-Sanity.

8. Stretch Mark Lotion/Cream- If you are like me, your baby gave you some nice, new stripes.  There are a lot of options out there and some of them are pretty expensive.  Here are a few options that won't make you go broke: Bio Oil, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, AVON Solutions Stretchmark

7. Lanolin- If you plan to breastfeed you are going to occasionally get tender nipples.  Lanolin will sooth and heal and it is safe for baby.

6. A useful AND stylish diaper bag- Probably not all moms will agre with me on this one, but it was important to me.  Most moms get a diaper bag that is just a big ugly duffle, but that wasn't for me!  It isn't my baby's bag, it's mine. I'm the one who has to carry it around, so it should fit my style, not my baby's.  Here are some designers who make great looking diaper bags: Timi & Leslie, Skip Hop, Amy Michelle, Oi Oi, Kate Spade, Coach, etc.

5. Pre-cooked Meals- I made a bunch of meals toward the end of my pregnancy and then froze them.  It was a life saver! It was so nice not having to worry about planning or cooking meals.  I just pulled something from the freezer and thawed it out.  Some meals that work well for freezing are spaghetti, stroganoff, meatoaf, lasagna, casseroles, pizza bagels, pie fillings (meat or fruit), and cookie doughs.

4. A Heating Pad-  Pull that heating pad back out that you used for labor.  The aches and pains aren't over.  I had a lot of back pain after my pregnancy and the heating pad helped quite a bit. It is also good for helping with mastitis and engorgement, the heat helps to ease the pain and bring the milk down.

3. A good quality camera- You are going to be taking TONS of photos once baby is born, so make sure they are great ones!

2. Lots of nursing bras- I have around 7 (in assorted colors) and so far that seems to be a good number for me. I also have 2 sleep bras that have been a life saver. If you are nursing you will not be able to sleep without a bra and it is sooo uncomfortable sleeping in a regular nursing bra!

1. A "Push Present"- Ok, so Mom should not have to get this one on her own! Every mommy deserves something to say "Thank you for carrying my baby for 9 long months and then pushing him from your hoo-haa".  Think expensive jewelry or electronics (Diamonds and Kindles make great push presents).


Amber @JadeLouise Designs said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! it is SO true too! I needed everything on this list after the birth of all 3 of my children!

For my last baby, the PUSH present came early...a new Bed AND rocking chair; as my baby girl was resting solidly on nerves causing severe sciatic pain for the last 3 months...the Husband got us a new bed with more padding and a new very soft rocking chair for me to sit in, both of which helped dramatically with the sciatic pain.

--Your Fan from VB JadeLouise Designs

Lindsay said...

I would've loved a "Push Present" after going through labor with my son. Hmm, something to think about if I have a second child. LOL!

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