Friday, December 16, 2011

Follow up Friday: Exercising with Baby

Your baby is finally here, but he may have left you with some extra weight.  Here are a few exercises you can do while still getting in some quality time with your baby.

Car Seat Lifts-
1. Take the car seat in one hand
2. With your arm completely extended, lift the car seat straight up to the side of your body
3. Slowly lower the car seat straight back down to your side
4.  Repeat this several times on each side
This can also be done to the front. Follow the same steps as above, only this time lift the car seat straight out in front of your body.
This is most easily done with a carrier car seat with a handle. It can be done with or without the baby in the car seats (it has been months since I have been able to do this with my baby in the seat, he's 9 months now)

Peek-A-Boo Crunches-
1. Lay on the ground in a basic crunch position.
2. Have baby sit back or recline on your lap
3. Lift up into a crunch, making eye contact with our baby.  Be sure to smile and interact with your baby each time your sit up so it can become a fun game for baby.
4. Lay back down in starting position
5. Repeat this several times

Baby Carrier Squats-
1. Place baby in a carrier (this is easiest with a front carrier, but can be done with any style)
2. Stand straight with legs shoulder width apart
3. Go into a full squat by sitting back as if you are going to sit in a chair and be sure to never allow your knees to pass your toes, this helps to reduce the strain on the knees
4. Stand back up straight
5. Repeat this four times
6. Go back down into a full squat and stay there
7. Pulse here doing a mini squat four times
8 Repeat this several times

Push up Kisses-
1. Get into a basic push up position (can be full or modified on your knees)
2. Lay baby down between your arms
3. Lower into a push up and give baby a big kiss or an big raspberry on their tummy
4. Come back to straight arms

Stroller Lunges-
1. Place baby securely in stroller
2. Stand behind the stroller
3. While pushing the stroller forward slowly slide your right leg forward and bend the knee to go down into a lunge
4. Now slowly slide the leg back up while roller the stroller back toward you.
5. Repeat these steps on the left side
6. Repeat this process several times alternating legs

I hope this helps all of you new mamas get back into shape while still bonding with your new little one!


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Luckily, for me the weight gained during pregnacy fell right off after I had my daughter. Having to carry around an infant car seat did naturally tone up my arms even more. My daughter is in the tot seat now though.

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Awesome ideas on how to lose the baby weight. Too many moms forget to take care of themselves!

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