Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birth Day Thursday: Tracey's Birth Story

Today we have a HypnoBirth story from Tracey ofNatural Childbirth World. This is the amazing story of the birth of her baby girl Honey.

Here it is in her own words:

“HypnoBirthing was so much more than just learning how to have a natural & comfortable birth -

It’s a skill that changed my life forever!

HypnoBirthing has taught me COMMUNICATION … with my body, my partner and my baby “Honey”

Birthing her was the most amazing experience I ever thought possible and I’m looking forward to doing it again, which is not the impression I get from many of my friends who have had children.

Often, I feel guilty when I’m sharing my experience because it’s so different from many of the horror stories I hear.

Anyway … Honey decided she’d like to come into this world early on Sunday the 13th of April … 10 days earlier than expected, but I felt totally calm because I was prepared physically and mentally.

I spent the next few hours cruising around the house painting my nails and making sure I had my bag packed and the way to the hospital we even stopped at McDonalds … I figured hubby would be a better support partner with a full stomach!

On arrival … I had to convince staff I was actually in labor … their comments were “you can’t be in labor, you don’t look like you’re in pain” … but that’s simply because I wasn’t in pain at all! They suggested I should go home for a while and when I refused two midwives and a doctor tried to convince me to be induced. Again i refused … saying “she’s coming today …. and could you get that bath ready?”

After it was established i was actually in labor, “Team Honey” was able to set up the room for our Hypnobirthing experience. My mum and husband dimmed the lights, put on relaxing music and made sure all interruptions were kept to a minimum so i could birth our baby girl in the water in peace.

Using the Hypnobirthing techniques I put myself into a “dream-like” state … I felt extremely relaxed and could have gone to sleep a few times if I wasn’t so excited. It was an amazing feeling to literally push any pain away by simply tapping into my bodies natural resources … I felt very strong and empowered.

During the final stages of my labor I had to really concentrate, because I was so eager to birth her … I was getting disappointed when the surges (contractions) would stop because it meant I had to wait, and because they didn’t hurt I was actually looking forward to the next one! And then … she arrived! … shooting out like a fish in the water. The midwife scooped her up and held her out to me, but for a minute I just stared almost forgetting that after the whole experience of labor, I actually got a prize at the end. And what a prize!!!!

Honey is amazing! … My husband and I believe she is so calm because she’s a HypnoBirthing Baby! And we are better parents because of Hypnobirthing!

Tracey Rose, Australia”

Tracey, thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience using HypnoBirthing

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Ii have never heard of this kind of birthing wow that sounds interesting. Blessings!

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