Friday, March 16, 2012

Birth Day Thursday: My Birth Story

I decided that I would post Birth Day Thursday a day late this week because today my amazing little boy turns one and I wanted to celebrate his birthday by sharing the story of his birth. 

Here is my birth story in my own words:

"I was having some cramps since the night before (March 14th), but they didn't really feel like much more than period cramps. I thought it was most likely false labor since my EDD wasn't until March 25th. Thank God I decided to pack my hospital bag anyway!

The contractions continued through the next day and began getting a little more painful and a little more regular. We waited until contractions were 5ish minutes apart and lasting about a minute to call Dr and head to the hospital, this was around 7:30pm. We took our time getting to hospital since I figured I probably had another 12 hours before my baby was actually going to be born, we even stopped at the gas station.
When we got to the hospital I still didn't think the contractions hurt enough so I figured they would send me home. We got to the hospital's Alternative Birth Center at around 8:30pm and went through triage where they discovered I was only at 2 1/2 cm and were considering sending me home. They had me walk for an hour and after that I was only at 3 1/2, but they decided to let me stay, it was now about 10:30pm.
I was laboring at the Alternative Birth Center at Providence Hospital and they had jacuzzis in the room so I got in there. I was in there for about 20 min when my contractions went from a like a 2 to about a 9! I got out of the tub and they had me moving all over the room trying different things to keep labor going quickly! I sat on a birth stool and spent some time in the shower with the warm water running on my belly. They checked me again and by this time I was at 8cm (only about 1-2 hrs later at around 1am) I wanted to push SOOO bad, but they wanted me to wait until I was fully dilated. After another half hour or so they started considering breaking my water, then it broke on its own. Finally, I was able to push! It was such a relief, it felt like I was releasing all of the pain from laboring. It didn't hurt at all and I only pushed for about 20 min. Joseph Thomas was born at 2:32 am on March 16th! I was only at the hospital for 6 hrs and they almost sent me home!
I was at a hospital Alternative Birth Center so I had no drugs at all before or during the delivery AND it was never pushed on me. Even in my most difficult parts of labor the midwives were very encouraging and never suggested drugs. After the birth Joey and I were both very alert because we didn't have any the groggy side effects you can get from drugs. Joey was looking all around, no one could believe a newborn could be so alert! I was able to walk around and I was wide awake.
It was as close as you can get to a home birth, but I still had the knowledge that I was already at the hospital if there was an emergency. I was able to drink (and eat if I wanted, but didn't) and walk around through the entire labor. I also labored, delivered and postpartumed all in the same room (which had a queen size bed that my husband was able to stay with me in). It was an incredible experience! I truly cannot wait to do it again someday!"

Thank you all so much for allowing me to share my story with you!

Happy 1st Birthday Joey! Mommy loves you!

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Danielle said...

What a great birth story! I just gave birth to my son on March 12th and it's really nice to read a birth story so close to mine! I haven't yet posted my birth story but I really want to get around to doing it. I give you props for not taking any drugs because I ended up being induced and my labor went very fast. I did ask for the epidural (all three times) but this time was the most painful. Probably because the pitocin causes more painful contractions, makes them last longer and makes them come more frequent. I went through the whole labor without the epidural (it took them over 30 minutes to give it to me). By the time I got it, I was already 10 cm and ready to push. He was born in 40 seconds!

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I hope I get my story posted soon!


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