Friday, March 9, 2012

Lunette Cup Giveaway

This month my beautiful little boy is turning one!  
To celebrate I will be hosting a few giveaways.

To kick things off we are giving away a Lunette Cup to one lucky reader! One reader will win a Lunette cup in their choice of Color and Size!

Why do I love the Lunette cup?

It's Easy!  It is so much easier to only have to worry about emptying out my Lunette cup a couple times a day than constantly changing pads and tampons.

It's Healthy!  Unlike pads and tampons the Lunette cup doesn't mess with the moisture and pH levels in your vagina and it doesn't breed bacteria, so it is way more hygienic!

It's Cheap!  I know what you're thinking, "But it's $40!", but that will pay itself back within just about a month and then every month after that it's PURE SAVINGS! No more restocking the medicine cabinet with pads, tampons, and liners!

It's Eco-friendly! This one's a no-brainer, if you aren't going through a MILLION tampons and pads every year then they aren't ending up in a landfill.

It's Pretty! It comes in four awesome colors! I have Cynthia, the purple cup, but it also comes in Selene (blue), Diana (green), and Aine (coral). Each Lunette Cup comes with a pretty matching silk bag for storage! And best of all Lunette is the only FDA approved colored cups in the US, which means they're safe to use!

And most important of all...

It Works! It collects everything so you can feel secure to go about your normal activities. Then, when it is time to empty it, it is so easy to remove because of the longer easier to grab antenna!

Check them out for yourself!
Lunette Cup Website

Enter Here and you can win your own Lunette Cup!
Contest ends Sunday, March 18th!

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Jenny said...

Hi there! I just got your email about reviewing Unbound Birth and popped over to your site. I'll email you next. :)

Totally hope I win this! I really want to try it!

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