Friday, February 1, 2013

Homebirth: Part 5

I'm so excited! My birth supplies came in the mail today!

I got:

25 Underpads

2 large plastic sheets

1 pkg (28) Super Absorbancy overnight pads

10 Adult Diapers (yep, you read that right!

Adult diapers are so much easier to use in those early PP days than the big pads and mesh panties)

2 Blood Typing kits (I ordered 2 because they didn't test this in the hospital with my first son and insurance will not pay to do it now.  This home kit is a much more affordable option)

1 Footprinting Kit

1 Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide

12oz pkg of Herbal Afterbirth Bath

My total amount for all of this was under $50! I ordered all of this from It is a Christian, family-run business.  The company is amazing and has a ton of great supplies and materials for homebirth and midwifery. The prices were the best I could find anywhere, even when I compared them to Amazon and factored in Amazon's free shipping.  The service is awesome and my order arrived in less than a week! They even included a thank you note and beautiful labor prayer in the box.All around, just a wonderful company.  I will definitely use this company again in the future!

Anyway, getting all of my supplies together has been my focus as of late. I was actually surprised to learn how little I really needed to buy. 

This is the list that my midwife gave me for what to have ready for the birth:

In the Kitchen:
1. A tea kettle or pot with water in it.
2. 2 coffee mugs, honey or sugar left on the counter
3. Milk in the refrigerator (you may substitute soy, rice, or nut milk if you prefer)
4. Food available for labor and postpartum
5. 2-3 bottle of sports drink

In the Bedroom (Or whichever room you plan to deliver in):
1. Two extra blankets
2. Six old bath towels and several old washcloths
3. Two new rolls of paper towel
4. Two small basins, one for the placenta and one for the birthing set up about the size of a cake pan
5. One paper grocery bag and one kitchen size plastic bag
6. A laundry basket lined with a kitchen garbage bag (to keep wet/dirty linens in until after the birth when we wash them)
7. Two packages of large underpads
8. A plastic sheet or vinyl tablecloth with flannel on one side
9. Two sets of sheets- you will make your bed like normal with the sheets you want after the birth, then place the vinyl on top of the sheets with the flannel facing up, then place the old fitted sheet over the plastic, then the top sheet, then the old blanket
10. Lots of pillows
11. Large bottle of hydrogen peroxide (takes blood out of carpeting and fabric)
12. Large overnight sized sanitary pads or depends undergarments. Take out four and run them under water to create a one inch wide saturation in the middle of the pad then place them in a curved bowl and put them in the freezer. Once they are frozen put them in a baggie or wrap them in plastic wrap and store them in the freezer.
13. Baby clothes to include: 4 receiving blankets, sleeper, undershirt/onesie, socks and diapers
14. You should have a small baby bottle with nipple, clean and ready even if you are planning to breastfeed.

 As you can see, a ton of the stuff that I will need for a homebirth are things that most people already have around their house.   Of course, if you are planning a homebirth you should check with your own midwife first and find out what they want you to get.  Many of the things will be the same, but depending on your midwife they may provide more (or less) of the supplies that are needed.

Now that I have everything I need to start gathering it all up so it will be ready when I go into labor. I guess that would make this the homebirth equivalent of packing a hospital bag!

The next thing that I really need to focus on is where I actually want to give birth. I haven't put much thought into it yet and it will play a huge part in my birthing experience so it's very important that I choose the right place.  I want to be able to create a very peaceful and calming environment, not only for me, but for my baby as he enters this world.  Hopefully, in the next post I will be able to talk about the environment I plan to be in when I have my baby!

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you are getting prepared. I also used the adult diapers. They are great for pp. I also preferred them for if my water broke during labor. I hated feeling like I was leaking everywhere.

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