Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homebirth:Part 6

Well, everything is going pretty well around here!

My last appointment with my midwife was last week and my BP was back up to a more normal level! I have been drinking TONS of water to keep from getting dehydrated and I think that has probably made the biggest difference.  That was my last in-office appointment. Woo Hoo! From now on, home visits only!

At the next appointment we will be going over my birth plan and discussing where I plan to give birth... which I have decided on! Yay!

I will be in the basement. I know, that sounds awful, but it is the best , most comfortable place in the house. It is the biggest room by far and I will have access to everything I need.  We have a sectional, big chair and ottoman and I plan to push them all together to make myself a "super couch" for resting on. We also have a TV, DVD player, computer, and music all down there to keep me entertained and relaxed, and a small refrigerator so I can store some drinks and snacks.  We have a bathroom with a really big shower with a massaging head that will be VERY nice during labor! I will be setting up the pool right in the middle of the room and we will be able to fill it easily from the laundry room sink.  I think, overall, this is going to be a great place to give birth!

Here I am testing out the pool with my little guy!

Now, my main focus is on mentally preparing for my upcoming birth. 

I am working to create an environment for myself in the basement (candles, aromatherapy, music, lighting, focal points). I have also been doing a lot of practicing of my breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques. I am using HypnoBirthing and I love the approach so far.  The book came with a relaxation practice CD that I have also been listening to every night.  I feel like I am starting to really feel in control of my mind and body during these practices, and I am feeling very positive about this birth.

I have also been doing quite a bit of stretching. It is very important if you are planning mobile birth that you have the flexibility and strength to choose positions that feel right for you.  It is also important to keep moving, stretching, and watching your posture to help the baby get into the optimal position for labor.

I have been doing a lot of squatting,
image borrowed from no copyright infringement intended

taylor sitting,
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cat/cow stretches,
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and my husband has started doing some belly "sifting". 
image borrowed from no copyright infringement intended

The next big project that I will be taking on is baking and freezing a bunch of meals so I don't have to cook for awhile after the baby gets here!  I did this before my last baby was born and it was a life saver!

Maybe in the next post I can post some pictures of some yummy meals!


Sarahlou said...

Wow, that pool is huge! Looks like you are almost ready!! Can't wait to hear more!

Bridgette Becker said...

Great post! I love that you show visuals of the positions you're using to help ready your body. You've got this. <3

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