Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Aha Parenting Moment

It has been a VERY long time since I written anything, and if you're thinking that means this post is going to be extra good and you're looking forward to it, you will be seriously disappointed...

Last night as I am laying in bed -wide awake at around 1AM because I am a total insomniac- I came to a serious realization about my next 18 or so years as a mother. 

What is this deep realization you ask? Let's go back to me laying in bed at 1AM, I am listening to, not one or two of my boys snoring, but ALL THREE (that's two little boys and one really big one). As I am thinking, "No wonder I can't sleep",  rrrrrrriiiippp! One of them (I'm pretty sure the smallest one) rips the SMELLIEST fart I have ever had the privilege of being "dutch-ovened" by. 

Oh yeah! It was rank!

So, this is my realization... This little five minutes in bed is just a snapshot of my next 18 years as the only girl in the house isn't it??? I am living with the noisiest, smelliest creatures on this planet!

You know what else I realized at that moment? That I was smiling through all of this. That I loved it! I loved the chaos, the stink, and the mess that is goes hand in hand with raising two crazy little boys (and having a husband who might as well be 5 when he gets going with the two of them!).

(I know they look clean and put-together in this picture, but don't believe it!)

I wouldn't trade this loud, stinky crew for anything in the world!

*The alternate title for this post is "The Joys of Cosleeping with Boys"

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why is Support for Breastfeeding So Important?

There have been several studies done now about how peer support effects breastfeeding success and duration.

Here are the findings from a review of 34 of these studies: 
The studies included 29,385 mother-infant pairs from 14 countries.  The studies analysed both lay support and professional support and found that all forms of support led to an increase in the duration of any breastfeeding (both exclusive and breastfeeding with partial supplementation).  The studies also showed that access to both lay and professional support had a positive effect on the duration of EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding. The studies also found that support of any kind reduced the relative risk for stopping any breastfeeding before six months.
To read the entire review go to: http://apps.who.int/rhl/reviews/CD001141.pdf
In a study of 256 breastfeeding women conducted by the University of Toronto that compared mothers in a peer support group to mothers in a control group, they found that women in the peer support group had much better outcomes.  More mothers in the peer group were still breastfeeding at 3 months than the control group (81.1% vs. 66.9%) and more of these mothers were doing so exclusively (56.8% vs 40.3%). The breastfeeding rates at 4, 8 and 12 weeks were 92.4%, 84.8% and 81.1%  among the mothers in the peer support group, as compared with 83.9%, 75.0% and 66.9%  for those in the control group. Women were also asked for an overall rating of their feeding experience.  Women in the peer support group were significantly less likely to report a negative feeding experience than those in the control group (1.5% vs. 10.5%) . Of the 130 mothers that evaluated the peer support they received, 81.6% were satisfied with their experience and 100% felt that all mothers should be offered peer support.
To see the details of this study go to:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11800243

Here is a great graphic of all of the factors that play a role in breastfeeding:
This photo was borrowed from review by 
Elizabeth Walker, RN, BScN 
Linda DeVouge, RN, BScN 
Debbie Chang, RN, BNSc
Luana Notten, RN, BScN 

How you can help support breastfeeding mothers:

~ If there is a nursing mother in your life, be supportive and encouraging of her decision to nurse her baby

~ Be supportive of public breastfeeding

~ Encourage nursing mothers to find peer support groups in their community

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Big Latch On

Today I will be hosting a Big Latch On near me. This is an incredible event with locations all over the world. Women all around the world will be gathering together in public locations and nursing their babies at 10:30 am on Friday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 3rd. The goal is to set a world record for the most women nursing in public at the same time while raising awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding and working to normalize it in our society. Last year the Big Latch On record was set at 8862, so that is the number to beat this year!
I am so excited to be hosting this event! It is so important for us to get back to basics and start feeding our children the way that God intended us to. We need to remove the stigma that has been attached to breastfeeding and remember how amazing it is and that it is truly the best thing we can do for our children. We need to stop shaming women and making them feel like they need to hide in their homes if they want to breastfeed their child.

You can do your part by supporting breastfeeding mothers in your community. If you have a friend or family member who is nursing her children, make her feel welcome when she is around, don't make her feel like she needs to leave the room to feed her children. Create a comfortable and loving environment for her and let her know what an incredible mother she is, tell her how proud you are of her.  If you should happen to see a woman nursing her child in a public place, pay her a compliment. Let her know she is a good mother and that she is doing a wonderful job!  Believe me, these little compliments can go a long way to boosting a mother's confidence and can help her to get over any hurdles she may be experiencing.

You can also help support the cause to spread awareness and education by donating to one of these great organizations:
La Leche League International
Catholic Nursing Mothers League
The Big Latch On

We held the event this morning and had a great turnout! We counted 64 "latching" babies and with mommies, families and sponsors/volunteers we totaled approx. 192 people! Thanks to everyone for supporting nursing mothers!